Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Philippine Defense Dep't working to acquire S. Korean fighter jets

The Department of National Defense is in “the final stages” of crafting the Terms of Reference for the acquisition of a squadron of F/A 50 fighter jets from South Korea, the department said Monday.

The Terms of Reference includes technical specifications, payment schemes, and requirements for delivery. “After that, the contract follows, the negotiations for the contract [starts],” said Department spokesman Peter Paul Galvez.

In a separate interview,  DND undersecretary for finance, munitions, installations and materiel Fernando Manalo said said that the Department hopes to settle any issues about the acquisition by May.

“There are issues that are being resolved, there are issues that are being clarified,” he said.

In January, the DND announced that the Government Procurement Policy Board has given the nod for it to begin negotiations with South Korea for the acquisition of 12 brand new F-50 jets for about P18 billion.

The Philippine Air Force said that it was “very excited” with the impending acquisition as part of the military’s modernization program, saying it would bring the Philippine closer to having a “credible external defense.”

The PAF had been using its S-211 trainer planes as fighters after it decommissioned its F-5s in 2005.-GMA News (April 23, 2013)

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