Monday, August 13, 2012

Singapore group eyes renewable energy plants in PH

A Singapore-based group is keen on putting up renewable energy generating facilities in the Philippines.

Energy Secretary Jose Rene D. Almendras told reporters that the said investors, whom he did not disclose, have been scouting potential locations to put up their facilities, which will run on different sources.

The group plans to put up solar facilities that are coupled with wind or mini-hydro systems.

"I find the idea novel. Instead of coming in with one technology, you’re coming in with a portfolio. In a small island na hinde masyado maraming tubig, so pag may araw solar, pag walang araw dahil umulan eh di may tubig, parang ganon," he said.

The "pairing" allows the facility to run on different sources depending on the prevalent weather situation in a particular location.

The investors' technology can carry a generating capacity of between 500-kilowatts to 10-megawatts.

"I understand they visited a few of the sites. They went to Palawan and a few areas there," Almendras said.

The DOE chief said he had asked the group to consider putting up the facilities in areas not connected to the main power grid.

These off-grid areas usually rely on oil-based power facilities for electricity that are more expensive than generating plants that serve those connected to the grid.-Interaksyon (August 12, 2012 4:43PM)

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