Sunday, May 05, 2013

Indonesia to host ASEAN Plus 8 counterterrorism training in September

Indonesia is to host an ASEAN plus 8 join exercise in counterterrorism in the country's Peace and Security Center in Bogor, West Java, in September, media reported here on Saturday.

"We will host this joint training in counter terrorism as a co- chair along with the US in the ASEAN Defense Ministers Plus Eight country program," said Defense Ministry Secretary General Budiman, quoted by the Jakarta Post.

Ten ASEAN member countries plus eight other countries, including China, the US, South Korea, Australia, Russia, India, New Zealand and Japan, will take part in the exercise.

The secretary general said the peace keeping training area in Bogor was currently being developed and was expected to be ready for use on the date of the event.-The Philippine Star (May 05, 2013)

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