Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thailand, Singapore, Philippines on Q1 earnings beat-Morgan Stanley

Thailand was among the top four countries in Asia, excluding Japan and the emerging markets that have beaten consensus earnings expectations in magnitude and breadth so far in the ongoing first-quarter earnings season, said Morgan Stanley Research.

Fifty percent of Thai companies tracked by MSCI have reported quarterly results, which came in 6 percent above expectations, it said in a note dated May 8.

Among the misses, Indonesia was among the countries with the highest misses and negative breadth, it said. Eighty-four percent of those tracked by MSCI have posted quarterly earnings that missed consensus expectations by 3 percent, it said.

In ASEAN, 41 percent of Singapore companies tracked by MSCI have announced results that met consensus expectations by 6 percent on a weighted basis, while 16 percent of Philippine firms tracked by MSCI have beat consensus expectations by 2 percent.

For Malaysia, 9 percent of companies tracked by MSCI have so far showed quarterly results below consensus expectations by 2 percent, it said.-Yahoo News

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