Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Indonesian anti-terror squad arrests two terrorism suspects

A member of Indonesian police's anti-terror squad of Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88) said on Tuesday that two men were arrested in the latest terrorism raid conducted by the squad in Depok, West Java, local media reported.

"We arrested the two last night in Depok, West Java," a source in Densus 88 who asked anonymity was quoted by the Jakarta Globe as saying.

"We suspect that they were involved in terrorism cases in Tambora, Beji, Solo and Poso," he added, referring to recent squad's raids on several areas that harboring those terrorism suspects.

The source declined to detail the specifics of the allegations against the two men, identified by police as "S" and "I", the Jakarta Globe online reported.

Previously, a local news portal the Tempo.co identified one of the men as Sofyan, a 35-year-old resident of Limo, Depok. The man's house on Jalan Mangga was raided by dozens of Densus 88 members on Monday.

Sofyan's neighbors described him as a quiet man who rarely left his house and didn't attend prayer at the neighborhood mosque.

In recent weeks, Densus 88 has been rounding up members of an alleged terrorist cell that goes by the name "Indonesia Al-Qaeda."

So far, nine alleged members of the group have been arrested in Central Sulawesi and Solo, Central Java.-The Global Times (October 09, 2012 16:40:01)

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